Care and maintenance

Dryer or not?

Yes, all of our products are suitable for our current lifestyle so they ALL go to the dryer using low intensity. Important not to overheat.

Mme & Co cloth diapers

Before the first use of our products, we advise you to wash and dry your diapers and inserts two times, in order to tighten the fibers and to avoid leaks!

Note that the bamboo inserts will provide full absorption after 10 washes but can still be used in the meantime.


Wash the diapers separately from your clothes. Rinse in cold water cycle such as quick wash followed by a long hot water cycle or warm water cycle. Use the highest level of water and wash the diapers every 2-3 days. Use soap without fabric softener. Always put about fifteen diapers per load to promote friction. If you have less, put less water or you can add towels or pieces of clothing.

* NEVER use the sanitizer cycle because it destroys the textile components *
Beware of strong detergents (e.g. Oxyclean)

Dry the diapers in the dryer, on a drying rack or ideally on the clothesline.

The outer layers (PUL Color) can be put in the dryer, but it is recommended to dry them at low temperature and preferably let them air dry in order to extend the life of your diapers. If the drying temperature is too hot, it could make them lose their impermeability or cause them to crack. Be careful not to handle them while hot. 

Do not use zinc-based cream in diapers, they will damage and affect the absorption of your diapers. You can use coconut oil for example or other zinc-free diaper cream.

Contrary to what we can hear or think, do not rinse diapers when they are soiled as it can cause mold. Simply store them in a wet bag (Dry pail) or a normal laundry basket with holes (do not worry, it will not smell bad).

N.B. Too frequent washing of diapers could wear out the product prematurely, having a few more layers allows better rotation.

Reusable menstrual pads

Wash before first use and choose a detergent without SOFTENER.

What to do with my dirty menstrual pads?

There are three options available:

1. You can rinse it and put it in your dirty laundry basket;

2. Fold it over and put it in your dirty laundry basket;

3. Put it in a separate wet bag (optional).

How to wash them?

1. Always wash with the soap of your choice WITHOUT softener;

2. Wash with your towels or with your clothes in cold water;

3. Machine dry or air dry.

Remove stains?

Soak in stain remover and hot water, the same way you do with any stained clothing. We strongly recommend the blood stain remover Lemieux (Détache sang des produits Lemieux) also available on our website.

Washable toilet paper

Wash before first use and use the soap of your choice without specific restriction.

Store the dirty toilet paper in a wet bag until the next time you wash them.

The ones that have stool on them, you can rinse them before putting them in your wet bag.

The toilet paper can be washed with your clothes normally or with your towels.

Dry in the dryer or air dry.

Washable cleansing pads

Wash before first use with the soap of your choice.

After use, you can rinse it or simply put it in your laundry

Suggestion: Since the makeup remover pads are small, you risk losing them in your laundry. We therefore suggest placing them in a perforated laundry bag (underwear bag)

To remove stains?

Soak in your favorite stain remover solution.

Do you have questions or need advice for care and maintenance? Do not hesitate to contact us, we can help you!

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