Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to buy your products elsewhere than on your website?

Yes! We distribute in more than 30 points of sale throughout Quebec, Canada, the United States and Mexico. To find the point of sale closest to you, consult the section "Where to find our products?"

Can I pick up an order directly from your warehouse to avoid delivery costs?

Yes at checkout you can select the option

I have placed an order online, but I want to add an article, what should I do?
Unfortunately, for logistical reasons, we cannot add to a current order. The entire order should be canceled and a new one made. For such  situation, please call us so the procedure can be done as soon as possible.

Where do your products come from?
The majority of our products are assembled in China by our manufacturers. Our products are manufactured with health and safety standards and have CPSIA certification, approved by the FDA and free of BPA and heavy metals.
The design of these is done by us in Quebec. We work with graphic designers and seamstresses in Quebec to design all of our prototypes.
We also have a Made in Canada division through manufacturers who offer complementary products to the Mme & Co range. To find out where your products come from, locate the mention at the bottom of the article page.

The shipment of products is from Quebec or China?
All our products are in inventory in our warehouse in Chambly. We ship from Quebec and our delivery times are approximately 24 hours.

My city offers grant for cloth diapers and reusable feminine pads, how can I get them?
Several cities and municipalities are now offering grants ranging from $ 50 to $ 250 for reusable products such as diapers and feminine pads. As each city and municipality has its own criteria, you must validate with them to see if you are eligible. However, we offer a detailed invoice including our tax numbers and which is accepted by all cities and municipalities when the criteria for these are met for the grant.

How to wash washable diapers and sanitary napkins?
We have made a maintenance section which can help you in your washing routine. All our products go to the washer and dryer according to the temperatures indicated in the maintenance section.

I want to buy cloth diapers, but how does it work?
We have created a small section talking about the number of layers, materials, leakage problems, etc. 
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