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Solid Shampoo

Cocoloco soap shop & co

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Solid shampoo detangling bar made of 100% natural products.

Perfect for the whole family! Kids will always want to wash their hair, it's guaranteed with the light smell of fruit. 

Since the normal hair shampoo contains no essential oil, it is perfectly appropriate to use it for the whole family. 

 If you have hair that tends to tangle easily, you can use it followed by the solid conditioner. Coconut and castor oil are suitable for all hair types and are allied with hair care. Pink and white clay are very mild cleansing clays. 

A regular shampoo is about 50gr and replaces one plastic bottle. 

Vegan and created with a concern for the environment under its zero waste perspective. Cocoloco offers a wide variety of soaps at a competitive price in order to promote ecological lifestyle in the world of personal care. Her motto: Make quality products accessible to all, good for the planet. Allow to dry between uses to keep it as long as possible. 

Use : Wet the hair. Briefly rub the bar in the hair and rinse. Rub the bar again, it will produce a lot of foam. Massage and leave for a minute. Rinse thoroughly. 


Natural hair shampoo with fruit or blue raspberry:

- Coconut oil 

- Raisin seed oil 

- Rincin oil 

- Pink or white clay 

- Fragrance with fruits or blue raspberry. 

Dry or colored hair shampoo (contains essential oils, not recommended for young children) 

- Ylang ylang essential oil: gives shine 

- Clary sage essential oil: strengthens and protects hair, prevents hair loss 

- Lemongrass essential oil: Prevents dry skin and gives shine 

- White clay

- Marshmallow powder 

- Coconut oil 

- Shea Butter 

Weight: 60 grams and +

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