Warranty on cloth diapers and inserts

Our warranty covers all manufacturing defects. Improper maintenance or misuse is not guaranteed.

How does the warranty work?

  • Our diapers are guaranteed from the date of purchase of the product for a period totaling 12 months.
  • The warranty applies only to the first buyer, so if you want to sell or give your diapers know that the warranty will not be transferable.
  • Proof of purchase (invoice or order number) is required to invoke the warranty.

What is a manufacturing defect?

A manufacturing defect is a flagrant alteration of the diaper.

This therefore includes:

  • Loss or breakage of a pressure button (not due to friction)
  • Seams (The seams at the top of the diaper pockets are excluded from the guarantee)
  • Premature delamination of the PUL 
  • Inserts (limited warranty of 3 months on seams only)
  • The rubber bands are guaranteed for 6 months on a manufacturing defect and not on normal wear and tear.

What is excluded:

  • Normal wear of the diaper
  • Accidental break (tear, break, burn, addicts)
  • Odors and leaks
  • Poor maintenance
  • Machine problem (washer and dryer)
  • Pilling

Taking good care of the diaper is very important. If you do not respect the advice of use of the products and its care and maintenance (see page care and maintenance), the guarantee will be canceled.

N.B. No one can unfortunately determine the lifetime of a cloth diaper, just like a garment, the frequency of washes and the products used are determining for their longevity and each case is different.

How can I claim my product warranty?

Contact us by email at explaining the break in question and attach a photo. You must send us the defective diaper at your expense *to the following address in a trackable parcel* 

1200 Boulevard Du Royaume Ouest, Saguenay (Quebec)  G7H 5B1

* We require a trackable parcel, because we are not responsible for the non-receipt or theft of the item and without tracking number it is impossible to trace the item and to prove its receipt.

Subsequently, we will assess whether it is indeed a break in production and not wear. If this is the case, we will send you a new item, depending on availability in inventory, at our expense.

If it is an old version that we no longer keep, we will give you a store credit at that time.

Mme & Co reserves the right to refuse to apply the warranty if the conditions are not met.

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