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Our innovations

Mme & Co products are designed for our current lifestyle. We have young children, a hectic life, the desire to reduce our waste just like you.

What does our consumer use in his daily life? How can the environmental impact actually be improved? What will motivate him to change these habits? It is all these fundamental questions that inspire us to design reusable products suitable for you.

What sets us apart?

Quality products and durable design.

All products were created in prototype before being marketed and tested on several families and friends (thank you to everyone!). Sometimes, the materials are not as we imagine them, so we redo samples, we modify, we consult again to arrive at where we are today, quality reusable diapers and products.

We are very avant-garde and like to look for novelties to offer them to our current modern society and concerned about the environment.

Offer a high-performance washable diaper

Mme & Co seeks to offer a positive experience to parents who use cloth diapers and therefore we are the only company with the best all-in-one cloth diapers in terms of absorption and ease of use. A model entirely developed by our company for today's families!

Quebec company

Mme & Co is a Quebec family business that has been in business for 5 years now. The design, research and development and shipping of products are done here. Our production is made in China at our trusted manufacturer for 5 years using rigorous techniques and very high quality standards.

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